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Miracle Legion

Miracle Legion is/was from New Haven Ct. They began in the mid 80's as the duo of Ray Neal and Mark Mulcahy. They soon added Jeff Wiederschall (drums) and Joel Potocsky (bass) and that quartet recorded 'The Backyard' for the Incas label. They toured the states and the UK and got signed to Making Waves and then to Rough Trade.

Joel left and now Steve West was in. That foursome recorded 'Surprise Surprise Surprise' and 'GLAD'. More touring all over the place and now Steve and Jeff are out.

Mark and now Mr. Ray Neal are once again a duo and the two record 'Me & Mr. Ray'. They float along as a two piece but ultimately return to a foursome, adding Scott Boutier (drums) and Sir David McCaffrey (bass). This lineup tours all over the place. Rough Trade ends up bankrupt.

Eventually Miracle Legion ends up signing with Morgan Creek and releases 'Drenched'. More touring and lots of legal trouble with the new label. When they are finally freed from the MC contract the band records 'Portrait of a Damaged Family' and viola, Mezzotint is born to release it! "Portrait" was our first release and Miracle Legions last/latest until 2017's Annulment.




Past Shows


4/7 Narrows Center, MA
4/8 Mass MoCa, MA
4/20 Boot & Saddle, Philly PA
4/21 Bowery Ballroom, NY, NY
4/22 Ballroom at The Outer Space, CT
4/28 Echoplex, LA CA
4/29 Chapel, San Fran CA 

A Simple Thing (1983) Cassette
The Backyard (1984) EP
Little Drummer Boy (1985) 7" Single
Surprise Surprise Surprise (1987) LP 
Glad (1987) EP
Me and Mr. Ray (1989) LP
You're the One Lee w/ The Sugarcubes (1989) EP
Drenched (1992) LP 
Out to Play (1992) EP 
We Are All Lost (1992) EP 
Portrait of a Damaged Family (1996) LP
Annulment (2017)

Little Known Facts:

Miracle Legion was originally called American Legion.

They recorded 2 songs with Andy Gill for the movie 'A Matter of Degrees'.

Got the 'Cute Band Alert' from Sassy Magazine,

Have met Donovan and Morrissey.

Always take the highest floor available in hotels. 

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