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Miracle Legion

"Surprise! Surprise! Surprise! came out, and it was as good as its name...the songs were great, and the singing was really extraordinary... it was about trying to feel something elemental and important, and trying to convert the base metal of George H. W. Bush into something else, some gold, I suppose." –Rick Moody (Oct. 10, 2010)



Surprise Surprise Surprise
"First full-length album by New Haven, Conn., quartet has already stopped traffic at the college and alternative level. Band's dreamy, almost psychedelic sound will draw the same grass-roots traffic that kicked off R.E.M.'s career. A truly exciting sendoff."

"Singer Mark Mulcahy has a quality of plaintive dreaminess that gives great emotional gravity to such songs as "Truly", one of the loveliest hymns of thwarted romantic devotion I've ever heard. Highly recommended."
–Q (* * * * STARS)

"It's beautiful the way this adamantly fragile lad named Mark J. Mulcahy teases and twists his words... Perfect music to recover from sleep to, it does the last thing you'd expect every single time it's challenged. Miracle Legion are innately perceptive blacksmiths."
–Melody Maker

"Surprise Surprise Surprise does more than enough to establish further the pedigree of this four-piece and is sturdy testament to the real songwriting skills of Mark Mulcahy and Ray Neal. As on "All For the Best" where a loved one is locked forever in the mind, it's the vivid simplicity of language that hits hard."

"They're a superb guitar band, concocting lush, complex, folk-washed reveries to perfectly compliment Mulcahy's elemental moods... Songs like "Truly" and "Country Boy" are immediate winners.... deceptively powerful."
–SOUNDS (* * * * STARS)

"Miracle Legion's songs are not easy to fathom but make an immediate impression on the heart and on the brain's pleasure centers; the music rocks gently but is full of moody eccentricity, Mulcahy's voice is emotionally rich and yearning."

Miracle Legion's first LP, remastered and now
available for digital download HERE.

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