Welcome to the new Mezzotint Store!

Thank you for visiting. We're pleased to present to you a hearty batch of recordings and other items released by artists on the Mezzotint Label. Our artists include Mark Mulcahy, Miracle Legion, and Polaris.

How orders work: Once you put your desired items in your cart, items are paid for using Paypal, a very safe and secure method indeed.

You can also order by mail. We accept checks and money orders. For mail order, just total up your purchase and send a check made out to The Mezzotint Label to:

The Mezzotint Label
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Springfield, MA 01138

In case you're curious, shipping rates are based on the number of items ordered.

When you make a purchase, we'll add your name to our very private mailing list, but just let us know if don't want us to. 

If you have any questions, please write tommy@mezzotint.com, or fill out the Contact form.