The Arts Desk (UK) Gives "The Gus" 4 stars

“Delicate dynamics are shored up by the undulating power and to and fro time signature of “Taking Baby Steps”, while the weighty “What If I Go off with Bob?”, featuring the muscular chops of Dinsaur Jr's J Mascis, posesses a simple sense of purpose, both musically and lyrically, that is reminiscent of prime Velvet Underground.”

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"The Gus" is Now Available For Pre-Order!
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Mark Mulcahy’s sixth solo record, The Gus, is now available to pre-order to North American buyers via the store! if you’re in the UK or EU, please order vinyl and CD at your local record store or the splatter vinyl exclusively online at Rough Trade.

“An album that reveals fresh layers on every listen” - 7/10 UNCUT 

“Mulcahy is a heavy-duty Randy Newman for our times” - **** MOJO

 Mezzotint has limited edition splatter vinyl, blue vinyl, CD, t-shirts, and pin sets. Pre-order the LP, CD or a bundle from Mezzotint and you'll get an instant MP3 download of "What If I Go Off With Bob?" right away, and then the full album (MP3 and WAV) on July 5, 2019. Pre-orders will be shipped around July 1.

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